How to install Red Alert 1 on Linux

For debian based distros (Ubuntu, Mint...) Download the following package: cncredalert_1.0_all.deb

For other linux distros please install wine:i386
After installing, start RA1installer.exe
RA1installer will take care of your wine/ddraw settings, there is no need to change anything.

You can also try PlayOnLinux

How to install Red Alert 1 on Mac OS X

Download multi player (LAN/Skirmish/Online):

Download single player campaign: Porting kit

Alternative ways to install the game (complicated, only use PlayOnMac if the above downloads are not working)

PlayOnMac Tutorial

Click "install"

Click "Install a non-listed program" at the bottom

Choose "install a program in a new virtual drive"

Click browse, choose RA1installer.exe and install the game

Enjoy the game!

Red Alert 1 Installer